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How underfloor heating works
Warm water from the boiler system is circulated through continous lengths of pipe embedded in the floor, each room has its own circuit and all circuits are connected to a distribution manifold. As each room has its own circuit it is a simple process to apply a room temperature control, a thermostat is connected to an electrical operated valve on the circuit serving that room.

Underfloor heating


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Underfloor heating typesUnderfloor heating types

Details on the different types of underfloor heating available from PRM Solutions Ltd.

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Technical informationTechnical information

Technical details relating to our underfloor heating systems.

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Frequently asked questions related to underfloor heating and its uses.

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Why use underfloor heating?

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Warm water under floor heating systems can be effectively powered by any heat source, traditional gas or oil powered condensing boilers and wood burning stoves or solar panels and heat pumps (ground source or air to water). Whatever happens in the future to fuel costs or new technological developments, under floor heating can be married to the heat source to provide extra economical comfort.

Hygiene - less dust is circulated and with floors being warm this decreases the amount of dust mites and bacteria allowing a healthier environment for asthma and allergy suffers.

Space - this allows you to have the freedom of design.

Why use water and not electric under floor heating?

With today’s uncertainty about future energy policies and rising energy prices, warm water underfloor heating, is always a safer option. Warm water systems allow you to switch heat sources from say gas, or oil and utilise new technology for instances heat pumps, pellet burners or even solar panel heating.

These options are simply not available if direct acting electric heating is selected.